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Tips for Adding Skylight to Your Garage

»Posted by on Oct 30, 2017 in Tips for Adding Skylight to Your Garage | 1 comment

The best are those that add convenience, market value, and function when looking into any sort of home renovation project. Incorporating these attributes to your project is important as well as adding a skylight to a garage. It is easy to undertake, will add a natural source of light to the area and increase the value of the property.

Especially skylights used for garages, there isn’t a whole lot to a skylight. The skylight can be composed nothing more than colored plastic acrylic that is screwed into the place instead of regular sheeting, but this is mainly up to your desire. 

To stand up to breaking branches and falling trees, there are high-end skylights made of reinforced glass. To provide increased ventilation, some skylights are designed capable of closing and opening. The benefits are largely the same no matter what type of skylight is added to the garage. 

To avoid using flickering and stammering light bulbs, a natural source of light in a garage can be used. Especially after long exposure, garage lights are also often noisy and can be distracting. A skylight can really help by cutting down on utility bills by up to 10 percent. 

Garages are optimum breeding grounds for mildew because most parts of the garage are damp and dark.  It is a good idea to install a skylight because sunlight is a natural disinfectant of these toxins that cause respiratory problems.  

Skylights increase overall health by reducing strain on the eyes, providing an adequate supply of vitamin D, improve the mood, lower blood pressure, as well as cutting down on mildew and other allergens that can cause diseases. 

To garages, a skylight can provide a unique sense of style. You can enhance the resale recovery by up to 68 percent.  The return of investment is much higher when taking into account all the health benefits and lowered costs. 

There must be a reason why they aren’t on every single unit out there with all the positive aspects associated with garage skylight. One issue is that homeowners are afraid that if their skylight is not properly installed, it will cause a leak, which is absolutely true. To ensure that they do not leak, skylights need to be inspected and caulked on a regular basis.  

It is quite an easy task to install a skylight; however, it is advantageous to hire a roofing company to ensure that the skylight is properly installed. Picking out the skylight and then marking out a leveled spot to cut is the first step.  

The shingles or other types of roofing must be removed from the outside of the garage and the area secured so it will not collapse before cutting. The next thing to do is cutting out the opening and framing an area where the light can pass through.  

It is crucial that there is weather coated covering installed on the roof where the skylight will be placed.     For an extra layer of protection, the spot will be caulked. Before the shingles are laid back down, the skylight is then set into one place and step flashing is applied.  The top priority when installing is waterproofing the skylight. 

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